Cool space images from NASA

I’m just throwing this out there for those interested in space flight.  Nasa has a great gallery called Image of the day that makes for great desktop backgrounds.  The images are current, some are less than 24 hours old if you check during a current mission.

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3d head tracking with Wii

Not sure how I missed this video this year, but mark my words, this will be the next big thing in gaming after the Wii.  I would look for nintendo to be the one to pull it off.  Very very cool though.

ASPimage to Imageglue Wrapper class

Well, I have talked about it for 3 weeks now, here it is.  I am releasing my Imageglue wrapper class for ASPimage.dll.  This is near complete replacement for aspimage.dll.  Please read my previous post on the issue regarding W3wp.exe and dllhost.exe crashing. 

If you are using ASPimage in a production environment I highly recommend the superior component from called imageglue.  This wrapper allows you to use your aspimage code and use imageglue as the driving component instead. 

I have not had a lot of time to work on this.  It has most of the corresponding functions you need to use aspimage.  If there continues to be a lot of interest in this I will look into completing it.  This code is in production right now and has generated about 3,000 images already!


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Javascript 2.0

Jeremy Martin posted up a nice run down of the proposed Javascript 2.0 spec:

Well I suppose it’s an undeniable fact about us programmer-types – every now and then we just can’t help but get excited about something really nerdy. For me right now, that is definitely JavaScript 2.0. I was just taking a look at the proposed specifications and I am really, truly excited about what we have coming.

This is a pretty big deal all in all.  Web 2.0 and AJAX type sites are all driven with javascript.  Looking over some of the proposed additions it should be something to look forward to!

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Learn photoshop the fun way

Certain people I know have challenges with photoshop.  This guy named Donnie(real name?) has a surprisingly educating and hilarious set of videos on youtube with tutorials on how to use photoshop.  I have watched most of them, they are all funny.  Here is the latest one. 

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