AspImage to ImageGlue conversion done

So after a good hard week of coding on my own time.  I am happy to say our primary website at work has been converted from ASPimage over to Imageglue.  Without going into specifics this is the core of the site, the image generation IS the site.  After my intial post on the issue I had written a complete wrapper class in ASP to hopefully make the switch over in one line of code.  Unfortunatly that was not possible since one particular function in imageglue was not terribly efficient.   I was able to make one further refinement and bring the image generation time up to an acceptable point.

It has now been 2 days since the switch over and knock on wood thousands of images have been generated successfully under imageglue and the w3wp.exe has not crashed!

Next up a personal site of mine is in the same situation.  However I was able to make my wrapper work with it on swapping only one line of code.  I will be posting the wrapper shortly.  It needs some commenting and general cleaned up a bit before I put it infront of the world.

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