ASPimage to Imageglue Wrapper class

Well, I have talked about it for 3 weeks now, here it is.  I am releasing my Imageglue wrapper class for ASPimage.dll.  This is near complete replacement for aspimage.dll.  Please read my previous post on the issue regarding W3wp.exe and dllhost.exe crashing. 

If you are using ASPimage in a production environment I highly recommend the superior component from called imageglue.  This wrapper allows you to use your aspimage code and use imageglue as the driving component instead. 

I have not had a lot of time to work on this.  It has most of the corresponding functions you need to use aspimage.  If there continues to be a lot of interest in this I will look into completing it.  This code is in production right now and has generated about 3,000 images already!


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  1. Tommy Larsen says:


    We recently upgraded our webserver to a new 2003 (the old was a 2000), and we were not aware of the crashing issue. Sadly, your wrapper does not contain the one thing we really need, the ability to use fonts not loaded in Windows, this can be done in ASPImage. We have a system where we produce businesscards, and it would be necessary to load +1000 fonts, which is no good! Do you plan to do some upgrading / enhancing of your wrapper?

  2. LoneTechie says:

    Tommy, unfortunately I required this functionality also on my sites. I am not aware of a feature of imageglue that allows fonts to be added to the system on the fly. In my situation I had to add all of the necessary fonts to the windows/fonts folder. Since our server is dedicated this was not a huge issue, it can be on a shared host. I have not tried it but .net runtime seems to support this ability in some form, you may try to research that further.

  3. Jan says:

    Thank you for this wrapper. I’ll try it out now. I’m working on a new webserver (2008) and AspImage does not work at all here. And there are no support to get on AspImage. I’m crossing my fingers that ImageGlue will be the solution to my problems.

  4. LoneTechie says:

    Jan, imageglue is a very capable component, they also have excellent support. If you are able to use .net the System.drawing namespace is also very powerful though not a simple to use for somethings.

  5. Rob says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! This works great!

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