Preload images in IE6

I spent a significant chunk of time today diagnosing an image preload bug with IE6.  Bug probably isn’t a fair word, but for a browser that is one big bug why not.   In short preloading worked as it should in every other browser I test against except for IE6.  IE6 would preload the image, onload event fires, I set the src for the image and it continued to download the image again! 

Doesn’t work

pic1= new Image();
pic1.onload = function(){docimage.src='/images.gif'};


pic1= new Image();
pic1.onload = function(){docimage.src=''};

*sigh*, who would’ve thought.  You MUST have the full path in the  src link or IE6 won’t preload it.  It really crossed my mind today to just bite the bullet and not support IE6 at all.  It still appears that about 25% of our visitors are IE6.  Don’t even get me started on the hoops I have to jump through because of no png support.

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